Pushing the Elephant
Event: Mar 19, 2011
6:00pm - 8:00pm


NEW ORLEANS COMMUNITY CINEMA presents a free screening of: PUSHING THE ELEPHANT by Beth Davenport & Elizabeth Mandel

When civil war came to Rose’s Congolese village, she was separated from her five year old daughter, Nangabire. Rose managed to escape with nine of her 10 children and was eventually resettled in Phoenix, Arizona. More than a decade later, mother and daughter are reunited in the U.S. where they must come to terms with the past and build a new future. (60 minutes)

New Orleans Community Cinema is a free monthly screening series that pairs independently produced documentary films on timely and important social issues with leading organizations working on related issues in communities across the country. Screenings may be followed by a panel discussion, featured speaker or other presentation. For more information visit communitycinema.org.

Hosted by Charitable Film Network, Press Street / Antenna, Whole Foods Market, and ITVS. Seating is limited, please rsvp at mail@charitablefilmnetwork.org.

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