Riding with Jesus: Event Recap

Event: Apr 05, 2011

Hannah Miet and Jesus Angel Garcia outside the Antenna Gallery
Hannah Miet and Jesus Angel Garcia outside the Antenna Gallery

Jesus Angel Garcia performed elements of his debut transmedia novel badbadbad at the Antenna Gallery on June 25, along with Hannah Miet. His performance was cringe-inducing and creepy at times, but always entertaining. Miet’s short reading was touching and funny. Garcia has been keeping a travelogue of the tour he’s embarked on in support of badbadbad at Electric Literature and recently posted about his stop in New Orleans:

New Orlins (don’t say New Or-leans, nor N’awlins) was a good badbadbad town for the full-blown multimedia jam. I shared the mic with the irrepressible Hannah Miet, Brooklyn native interning at the local daily newspaper, and we went with the “Live Nude Words, Music & Movies!” bill at Antenna Gallery, a sweet space in a quiet neighborhood where all the seats were filled with artists and art lovers, one of whom, Leah Meltzer, joined me on stage for a cold reading of a romantic scene from the novel. When she came to the word “pussy,” she said, “It.” When I asked her about this later, she said she wanted to say “cunt.” She gave me her phone number.

Ms. Miet opened the show with a piece from a book she’s writing about her brother who suffers from a complicated relationship with reality. He’d be right at home in New Orleans, I thought, as she described teaching him as a teenager how a penis goes in (and out) of a vagina. On second thought, the city would eat him alive. Not his sister, though.

Make no mistake, Hannah Miet is a goddess: poet, essayist, journalist, fearless grad student in a discipline that’s on its way out as a viable career choice. Her intellect and eloquence will always trump any hair she may shed in the shower. She’s one of the first real-feeling people I met on Twitter way back when. I’m doing this tour, in part, to see if the digital personas match the flesh-and-blood. So far, not bad at all.

Read Garcia’s full post at Electric Literature.

The crowd was as colorful as Garcia's language

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