Scumbag Cinema – Street Trash
Event: Nov 09, 2011
9:00pm - 11:30pm


Sick! Twisted! Dirty! Repulsive! Calling all degenerates! Come out for the Scumbag Cinema Series! Get out of the flop house, crack house, or from under that bridge and come by for some of the weirdest films you’ve never seen! This stuff’ll stain your mind and be sure to send your soul straight to hell!  Admission FREECurated by Wesley Stokes.

The Cramps – LIVE At Napa State Mental Hospital
The Cramps were probably the coolest band to see in a mental hospital. At least thats what I would assume based on the reactions from patients attending this free concert given in a real mental institution.   (1978) 20 minutes

The Wild World Of Hasil Adkins
Hasil Adkins was the world’s greatest one man band (sorry Louie…). Growing up in West Virginia, when he heard Elvis on the radio he thought that he played everything himself so he did the same! This short documentary is the only comprehensive piece on the late great Hasil Adkins, inventor of The Hunch!  (1993) 29 minutes

Street Trash
A rediscovered classic! This has all the special effects and professionalism one would expect from a Troma film without being a Troma film. Filmed in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn when it was still a dump, the film follows a few hobos whose only reason for living is to get drunk. Things go bad when the local bodega owner discovers a case of Viper and sells it at a buck a pop to the local homeless.  (1987) 91 minutes

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