Videorover: Season 5
Event: May 18, 2013
7:00pm - 9:00pm

videorover 5

VIDEOROVER: Season 5 - Curated by Rachel Steinberg

Videorover is NURTUREart’s ever-expanding forum for local and international video artists, aiming to present a wide range of videos which are willing to extend the perceptual and conceptual limitations of their medium. NURTUREart is excited to announce a one-night screening event of Videorover: Season 5, and continued partnership between NURTUREart and Press Street’s Antenna Gallery in New Orleans.

Featured artists include: Lena Bergendahl, Stefan Demming, Jonathan Durham, Ellie Irons, Mary Ivy Martin, Maria Rapicavoli & Janne Schäfer, and Elisabeth Smolarz.  This selection of videos focuses on the mystification or de-mystification of a single character or group.  They serve as quasi-fictional documentaries, left upon the viewer to decide the level of truth.  The information presented is missing a link, leaving a subtle uncanniness, understood through this character, or his/her traces.  This selection of more narrative works serves as a complement to the selection displayed on rotation at NURTUREart Gallery for this current season.  Hosted by Blake Bertuccelli.

The screening will begin at 7:00pm sharp.  Seating is limited.   Afterwards, please join us at the gallery for a reception.  For more information contact:

  • 3718 St. Claude Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70117

  • Press Street’s MiniPlex program is a platform for film screenings and additional time based media events that take place in a pop-up theatre within Antenna Gallery. Press Street has hosted screenings in collaboration with other outside projects and organizations such as Cinema Reset as well as individual artists and filmmakers. For more information please contact Amanda at

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